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Welcome to my corner of the interweb!

Hi my name is Haylee Howard, thanks for stopping by! Grab a coffee, kick your feet up, settle in, and get cozy!

I am a multi-passionate gal who gets to try on and wear many hats. My niches lie in creativity, collaboration, and planning. Come along and check out my work!

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My Work

Welcome to the collection! Here you will find projects that I've created or collaborated on.



Pura Vida Picnic Company

I'm the owner of Pura Vida Picnic Company, a boutique event planning business specializing in upscale picnics, parties, and weddings. As a solo entrepreneur, I manage client relations, communications, marketing, and execute exceptional events by understanding the client's vision and coordinating with vendors. I have created and deployed the brand identity, website, and marketing materials.


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Campaign Highlights


Orange County Tree Project

In my capstone project, our team collaborated with Orange County, Florida representatives to determine the most effective approach for engaging the public in identifying, preserving, and expanding the urban tree canopy. I played a key role by researching and reaching out to potential participants, specifically targeting those with an environmental background. Additionally, I served as a liaison between our group and the representatives, assisted with GIS content and graphics, and contributed to refining the GIS portion while exploring user-friendly methods for the curated map.



Wedding Invitation Design

My client requested invitations for their wedding and sent over a few inspiration photos. I collaborated with them, mocked-up, revised, and at last delivered the product they envisioned!


The Hippies Collection

The Hippies Collection originated as a personal account transformed into a brand, serving as a platform to share glimpses of my life—ranging from thrifted finds and journal entries to words of encouragement. However, as I've taken on new endeavors, the brand has taken a backseat. Feel free to check out some of my work!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming along on this digital journey, I hope you've enjoyed my portfolio!

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